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Cinder Track July 11th 2019

The Cinder Track is the name given to the old railway line between Scarborough and Whitby and every so often I give a brief update on the condition of the southern half between Scarborough and Ravenscar.

+ Now that the Borough Council has approved its new development plan for the Track, the Friends of the Old Railway are once again back in action. I've pastedthe minutes of the last meeting at the foot of this post.

Despite the fact that encroachment by vegetation has reduced the width of some sections to less than 1m there are some very positive stories. 

The North York Moors National Park have installed lots of signs in the rural areas to let users know about local facilities. 

Self explanatory National Park sign at Hayburn Wyke

Between Hayburn Wyke and Staintondale station there used to be a farm crossing made up of old sleepers. These were a well noted hazard and have now been removed.

Further North there was a section of Track that had been reduced to two narrow gulleys, one of which was so full of old bricks that it was unusable. This section has now been given a new surface that will drain properly into the original drains and water should no longer run straight down the Track.

Restored Surface with drain on the left

A little further north there's a section that runs along a steep sided embankment. A fence has been put up to reduce the risk of users going over the edge.

Safety fence above steep drop

Finally, we are well aware of possible conflicts of interest among different Track users. We know that problems are much reduced if the Track is wide enough for two people to walk companionably side by side while still leaving room to pass but I've spent quite a lot of time thinking about producing a suitable etiquette for different users that would enable everyone to enjoy the Track in harmony. Here's my suggestion.

People on bikes: Slow down or stop for horses and pedestrians

People on foot: Move left when being passed

People on horses: Be prepared to slow down or stop

People with dogs: Keep them under control

+ for your info 

Friends of the Old Railway
Minutes of meeting held 10/7/19
at 17 Alexandra Park

Attendance. John Ritchie (Chair), Andy Sharp, Dilys Cluer, Chris Goode, Neal Osborne, Dave Evans, Denise Sangster, Keith Sangster and Bob Marley

Apologies. Helen Percival and Tim Burkinshaw

Correspondence. Helen Percival had written to give apologies for herself and Tim Burkinshaw. Tim is organising a Cinders event for the beginning of September to do grassland management at Hawsker. He would like suggestions for work to be done at the Scarborough end. Helen noted that there was still £1500 of Section 106 money available to be spent on signage (see later discussion). She also invited us to use their new office facilities at Dean Road

Cinder Track Steering Group Report. Andy gave a run down of the participants in the new Cinder Track Steering Group, which replaces the former Management Committee, and it was agreed to work through the Group wherever possible. We noted the Sustrans success in obtaining significant Dept of Transport funding for the urban section leading into Whitby and of other possible funding opportunities.

Andy to check up on how the Sirius minerals programme of funding is developing.

Bob and Dave to ask the National Park about the Section 106 money they have received, or expect to receive from Sirius.

Likely Future developments. It was noted that the next stage of the High Mill Farm development is about to go through planning and that this is thought to include a bridge over the Scalby Cut and a connection to the Track. Dilys and others to check.

Signs. (see above). Andy suggested that the money for signs could go towards producing ones that would establish an etiquette for users of the Track (i.e establishing clear priorities for users and developing a sense of responsible shared use) Bob to look into the Park's evolving scheme “Care and Share”.

Aob. Andy to contact Tim Burkinshaw to find out what wildlife surveys have been conducted for the urban section in Scarborough.

Time/date of next meeting. Provisionally set for 6.30 pm , Wednesday 9th of October at the Council's Dean Road offices (subject to confirmation)

Andy Sharp 11/7/19

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